Fix your device, fast!

What can we fix for you today?

Free Visual Diagnostic

A preliminary Visual Diagnostic is FREE of charge but any non conspicuous and unidentified issue will be subjected to a fee.

Affordable Repair Prices

We use AAA grade parts with exceptional service.

Quick Turnaround

Our one hour repair service is available for most of the phone models in the market.


We provide warranty for our work so you can use your device in peace after getting it fixed. Our technician fixes devices under a microscope and makes sure not a single component is misplaced.
What repairs Future Gadgets can do for you

Screen Replacement

Is you LCD Screen impacted due to drop? We can fix the issue. Most of the screens are replaced in around 1 hour only.

Liquid Damage

When liquid is spilled on any electronic item, it causes corrosion. We at Cellularfix can help removing the corrosion and cleaning the device so you can start working on your phone again.

Charging and Battery

Does your battery run quick on your phone? Most likely it needs battery replacement. We install AAA quality battery for your phone so you can keep going without worrying about loosing the charge.


Did your camera lens crack or is the phone not displaying the images properly? Drop in with your phone and we’ll fix it.


Do you enjoy photography with your cellphone camera and your camera has got affected by drop or impact? we can replace your phone’s camera so that you can start taking great shots again.

Data Backup

If you are trying to save your precious memories like pictures and videos from your old device to the newer one, we can help you in that regard.

Miscellaneous Repairs

We also specialize in repairing Macbooks and other computers, software and hardware. Furthermore, we can repair game consoles like Playstation and XBox.